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★★★★★ JustAnotherFoodReview

Happy Sunday! Not a food review post, but we want to tell you about this great product that we were recently introduced to from @pantrybynature! It’s called Satè Chili Sauce and comes in Mild, Medium and Hot 🔥 we’ve used it multiple times already and it’s absolutely delicious. I personally love the smell as soon as you open up the jar. It definitely goes well with a lot of different foods or as a marinate when cooking. Each jar is made with fresh, seasonal ingredients (absolutely no preservatives) also vegan and gluten free!  I’ve become addicted to it. Use it on meats, chicken, rice it’s 🔥🔥🔥


★ Girl Meets Spice

This sauce is packed with aromas and heat- I used the “hot” one and maybe used a bit of a heavy hand, but the heat was worth it!! (It’s got a nice, strong heat without being too overbearing, though) Lemongrass, aromatic notes of garlic and chilis really come together ( take a look at the ingredients) It tastes fresh. There’s NO MSG ( I actually love msg, I won’t lie 🤪🤪, but...) it’s all natural and made in Texas. It really does have that fresh taste, which makes it stand out from a lot of other mass-produced sauces packed in oils. The versatility of this sauce is why I liked it so much. You can use it as a dipping sauce, a finishing oil, on chicken or wings and with stir fry...


★ Adventures with Soso

📸:Homemade shrimp &pork wontons!
🌶🌶🌶Topped with some saté (hot sauce) by @pantrybynature.

@pantrybynature is a local business that makes handcrafted hot sauces with fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, garlic, and peppers that vary depending on the level of spice! My favorite was the MED spice level😋


★ Tasting the Heat

After the first taste I was blown away by its rich chili flavor...10 out of 10


★★★★★ Bill Moore's Hot and Spicy Reviews

Myong made Beef SATE tonight using Pantry By Nature's amazing SATE Chili Sauce (Hot)! Such an awesome product with so many uses! We love it! Thanks so much, An!

★★★★★ Pepperboy143
There were three "Give me to a friend!" jars, I ate one the day the package from An from @pantrybynature arrived. They are a Vietnamese chile oil/paste called Saté. It is handmade in Houston, Texas in small batches of medium and hot heat levels, from fresh lemongrass, garlic, chile peppers, and olive oil... I couldn't resist! It is SO crazy amazing and I glad to be able to enshrine it in #thecollection

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