Our story

Hi, I'm An, creator of Pantry by Nature's Tiger SATÉ. I am a medical researcher by training, but when work dried up during the pandemic, I decided to use this unexpected free time to launch Tiger SATÉ, a Vietnamese lemongrass chili sauce for health-conscious foodies.

I grew up in Vietnam and learned cooking from my grandmother, from starting the wood stove to helping cook the family dinner.  In Vietnam, everyday food is made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.  But when I came to America, I found that all too often, food was made with preservatives, MSG, and an eye to the bottom line.  Unless you visit Vietnam or know a Vietnamese grandma, real Vietnamese food is hard to find.  And once you've had the real thing, you're never going back.
That's why I created Tiger SATÉ.  I wanted a Vietnamese chili sauce that was made from fresh ingredients, with no MSG or preservatives.  Each jar is handmade in Houston, Texas in small batches, from fresh lemongrass, garlic, and peppers, all in healthy Italian olive oil.  It's not the easiest way to do things, but the taste, and the healthfulness, are worth it!.
I also enjoy gardening and cooking, especially making meals from scratch.  There's nothing quite like picking herbs or veggies from your own garden and making a delicious meal.  And of course, the freedom that comes from making your own food, however you like it, and knowing what goes into it, is amazing to have.  So I hope that Pantry by Nature can not only please your taste buds with delicious chili sauce, but also bring together a community of like-minded people who like to experiment with recipes and find new ingredients...those of us grown-ups who never grew out of playing with our food!
Thank you for supporting my business!  Please feel free to contact me at pantrybynature@gmail.com.